Your Ideal Student House in Leicester Awaits

Finding the perfect student house in Leicester can be an exciting but challenging task. As a student, you want to find accommodation that is not only comfortable and affordable but also conveniently located near your university and the city’s amenities. This blog will serve as your comprehensive guide to student houses in Leicester, covering everything from the best neighborhoods to budgeting tips and the renting process.

Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Leicester offers a variety of neighborhoods with distinct characteristics. Before you start your search for a student house, consider what matters most to you:

  1. City Centre: If you want to be at the heart of the action, the city centre is a bustling and vibrant option. It’s perfect for students studying at De Montfort University or those who want to be close to Leicester’s nightlife, shopping, and cultural attractions.
  2. Clarendon Park: This area is ideal for students at the University of Leicester. It’s known for its student-friendly atmosphere, with various amenities, bars, and restaurants nearby.
  3. Knighton Fields: Close to both universities and offering a mix of accommodation types, Knighton Fields is a popular choice among students. It’s more residential but still well-connected.
  4. Evington: If you’re looking for a quieter and more affordable neighborhood with good transport links, Evington is worth considering.

Budgeting Tips

Budgeting for your student house in Leicester is crucial to ensure you have enough funds for other expenses. Here are some tips to help you manage your finances:

  1. Set a Budget: Determine how much you can afford to spend on rent, utilities, and other living expenses. Stick to your budget to avoid financial stress.
  2. Consider Shared Accommodation: Sharing a house with roommates can significantly reduce your living costs. It’s also a great way to make new friends.
  3. Utilities and Bills: Understand what is included in your rent and what isn’t. Typically, you’ll need to budget for gas, electricity, water, and internet separately.
  4. Transport Costs: Depending on your location, you may need to budget for public transport or parking if you have a car.

The Renting Process

Now that you’ve selected a neighborhood and worked out your budget, it’s time to navigate the renting process:

  1. Start Early: The best student houses in Leicester tend to get snapped up quickly, so begin your search well in advance of the academic year.
  2. View Properties: Don’t rent a place sight unseen. Schedule viewings to get a feel for the property and the neighborhood.
  3. Check the Lease: Read your lease carefully before signing. Ensure you understand the terms, including rent, deposit, and any specific house rules.
  4. Deposit Protection: Your landlord must protect your deposit in a government-approved scheme. This safeguards your money and ensures a fair process at the end of your tenancy.
  5. Inventory Check: Before moving in, go through an inventory check with your landlord to document the condition of the property. This will help avoid disputes when you move out.


Finding the right student house in Leicester is an important step in your academic journey. By choosing the right neighborhood, budgeting wisely, and understanding the renting process, you can make your experience as a student in Leicester comfortable and enjoyable. Remember, start your search early, do your research, and make informed decisions to secure the perfect student accommodation in this vibrant city. Good luck with your housing hunt!

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