Buy Books in Nepal: A Bibliophile’s Guide to Literary Treasures


Nepal, with its rich cultural heritage and diverse landscapes, has a thriving literary tradition. Whether you’re a local book enthusiast or a traveler eager to delve into Nepali literature, this blog will guide you through the best ways to buy books in Nepal. From bustling bookstores in Kathmandu to online platforms, Nepal offers a plethora of options for book lovers.

  1. Exploring Local Bookstores

Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, boasts a vibrant literary scene, and you can find a wide range of bookstores to explore. Here are a few noteworthy ones:

  • Mandala Book Point: Located in the heart of Thamel, Kathmandu’s tourist hub, Mandala Book Point is a well-known bookstore offering a diverse selection of books, including international bestsellers, Nepali literature, and travel guides.
  • Vajra Books: Situated in Jyatha, Thamel, Vajra Books specializes in Buddhist and Himalayan studies. It’s the perfect place to find rare texts and academic publications.
  • Pilgrims Book House: With multiple branches across Nepal, including one in Kathmandu, Pilgrims Book House is a popular destination for those seeking books on spirituality, philosophy, and Nepal’s culture.
  1. Second-Hand Bookshops

For budget-conscious bookworms or collectors of vintage editions, Nepal has a vibrant second-hand book market. Exploring local markets and smaller towns may lead you to hidden gems. Don’t hesitate to visit areas like Jhochhen Tol in Kathmandu, where you might find quaint bookstores tucked away in narrow alleys.

  1. Online Book Shopping

In today’s digital age, online book shopping offers convenience and accessibility. Several online platforms cater to book enthusiasts in Nepal:

  • MeroShopping: This popular e-commerce platform offers a wide selection of books, from Nepali literature to international bestsellers. They often provide competitive prices and discounts.
  • OkDam: OkDam is another online marketplace that sells books and various other products. They offer a user-friendly interface and a range of payment options.
  • Kitab Yatra: Focusing exclusively on books, Kitab Yatra delivers to various locations in Nepal. Their website features an extensive collection of books across different genres.
  1. Libraries and Cultural Centers

Nepal is home to numerous libraries and cultural centers that promote reading and literacy. These institutions often organize book-related events, author interactions, and reading clubs. The National Library of Nepal and the Nepal International Library in Patan are great places to start.

  1. Book Fairs and Literary Events

Keep an eye out for book fairs and literary events happening in Nepal. These gatherings provide an excellent opportunity to discover new authors, buy books at discounted prices, and connect with fellow book enthusiasts. The Nepal Literature Festival is a prominent event that attracts renowned authors and literary figures from Nepal and beyond.

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